BeebEm (Acorn 8 bit)


Check out old-school games and classic software programs for the Acorn 8-bit machine with BeebEm for Acorn 8 bit. This retro emulator can also emulate BBC Microcomputer software and Master 128 games such as Castle Quest, Citadel, Hunchback, and Arcadians.

About BeebEm

The first "BeebEm" software (called Beeb Emulator) was created for the UNIX-based systems and was developed by David Gilbert in 1994. Since then, many developers have improved the emulator and have given it its new name. Mike Wyatt was most notable for maintaining the emulator and its website and developing it for the Windows operating system. Other developers have also ported the emulator to the Mac OS X, and Pocket PC platforms.


The BeebEm emulator for the Windows operating system is able to run most BBC Micro software/ games including popular titles like Elite, Exile, and Revs. This program can also run most BBC Micro ROM software like Wordwise, along with anything released on Superior Software/Acornsoft label.

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Playing a level of Arcadians with BeebEmTesting BeebEm with the game HunchbackShowing BeebEm's UIPlaying Starship Command on BeebEm

BeebEm Emulator download can be obtained free to play Acorn 8 bit. Available for multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and Source with fastest download speeds on This Acorn 8 bit Emulator is in English and can run games online in high quality. BeebEm is developed by Mike Wyatt, David Gilbert, AndyA and Jon Welch. If you like this emulator then also see related emulators such as B-em and Elkulator.

Download Links

BeebEm v4.18 Windows newest WindowsFree2022-06-144.86 MB
BeebEm v4.17 Windows WindowsFree2021-06-1915.65 MB
BeebEm v4.16 Windows WindowsFree2021-01-0915.65 MB
BeebEm v4a Mac newest MacFree2022-07-226.13 MBRuns on 10.6.8 OSX
BeebEm v3.0s Mac MacFree2006-04-013.20 MBRuns on 10.3.7 OSX
BeebEm v0.6-1 Linux newest LinuxFree2007-02-251.16 MB
BeebEm v0.0.13 Linux LinuxFree2006-11-022.13 MB

Additional other files:

BeebEm Source Pocket PC SourceFree2010-08-17184.11 KBSource Code