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Fancy playing Castlevania on your Amiga? Wzonka-Lad is a classic open-source GPL Gameboy Emulator developed by Ville Helin for the 68020+ Amiga Computers. This emulator provides many options such as varying game speed and colors, and features support for graphics and sound cards via CyberGraphX and AHI.

Initially released back in 1996, Wzonka-Lad was created because of the lack of a well-optimized Game Boy emulator for the Amiga hardware during the time. This emulator requires at least a 68020 processor and is considerably faster than any ported emulator during its peak. By version 0.99 and above, most games will have playable speed with a 68030 50 MHz processor.

Although the program started as a shareware. Wzonka-Lad was later released as free open-source software under the GPL-2.0-only license by August 2003. This allowed other developers who are interested to work on the program and contribute to its development.- resulting in the new and improved versions we know today.

Revisit the classic with Castlevania II - Belmont's Revenge with Wzonka-LadPlaying World Cup USA on Wzonka-LadWzonka-Lad featuring The Legend of Zelda: Link's AwakeningPlay Hammerin' Harry on your Amiga Computer with Wzonka-Lad

Wzonka-Lad Emulator download can be obtained free to play Gameboy. Available for multiple platforms including Source and Other with fastest download speeds on EmulatorDownload.net. This GB Emulator is in English and can run games online in high quality. Wzonka-Lad is developed by Ville Helin. If you like this Nintendo emulator then also see related emulators such as zBoy and Higan.

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Wzonka-Lad v1.00.30 Amiga OtherFree2004-01-03574.54 KB
Wzonka-Lad v1.01.00e Amiga OtherFree2003-12-23204.97 KB

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Wzonka-Lad v1.01.00e Source Linux SourceFree2003-12-23295.43 KBSource Code
FAST's z80 CPU Emulation Core OtherFree1998-06-0411.84 KB