PSPlay (PSP)

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PSPlay is a PSP emulator especially optimized to provide high gaming performance on a wide range of Android devices. This Android App is based on the open-source PPSSPP emulator licensed under GPL 2.0. It offers many similar features to the base project while stripping away other options to make the emulator more user-friendly, less intimidating, and more lightweight.

Core Features

  • Enhanced rendering capabilities for better graphics
  • Optimized performance
  • Save states
  • Network playing support
  • On-screen touch controller
  • External hardware controller support

Not to be confused with another app with the same name, PSPlay PSP Emulator was developed by animaonline originally for the Google Play Store. This product is not affiliated with or licensed by Sony and does not promote Illegal distribution or copies of PSP games. To play, you must own or acquire a legal PSP game and save it inside your phone. Open the app and navigate the file to start playing. This app requires Android 4.0 or later.

PSPlay PSP Emulator featuring God of War: Ghost of SpartaShooting all the bad guys on Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker with PSPlay PSPFarming Rathalos in PSPlay's Monster Hunter Freedom UniteTrying out Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep on my Android phone with PSPlay

PSPlay Emulator download can be obtained free to play Playstation Portable. Available for multiple platforms including Android with fastest download speeds on This PSP Emulator (also known as PSPlay PSP,) is in English and can run games online in high quality. PSPlay is developed by animaonline. If you like this Sony emulator then also see related emulators such as PPSSPP and RetroArch.

Download Links

PSPlay v1.2.4 Android newest AndroidFree2019-03-0440.25 MB
PSPlay v1.2.3 Android AndroidFree2019-02-2640.25 MB
PSPlay v1.0.0 Android AndroidFree2017-03-0225.09 MB