Lemuroid (PSX)

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Play popular PS1 titles on your Android phone with ease by using Lemuroid. This awesome free app also supports Android TVs so you can play without a console while maintaining that retro console experience. This open-source project utilizes LibretroDroid technology to perfectly integrate the emulators into the Android system seamlessly. 

Originally a rib of Retrograde, Lemuroid provides users with an Android-exclusive Libretro front-end that is both lightweight and optimized to work on all Android devices from high-spec phones to low-end potato phones.


  • Supports a wide range of devices including Android TVs
  • 100% Free and completely Ad-free
  • Convenient save states
  • Automatic ROM scanning and indexing
  • Customizable touchscreen controls
  • LCD and CRT display simulation
  • Fast-forward support
  • Gamepad support (external, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Tilt-to-stick/ Tilt input support
  • Cloud save sync (online saving)
  • Local multiplayer support

Boasting a long list of supported retro gaming console platforms, this nifty app features a similar interface when navigating your games. All you need to do is drag all your game files into a single folder, and you'll be good to go. If you're looking to play dozens of retro games on your Android phone, then Lemuroid is a must-try app.

Fighting against the first boss on Vagrant Story with Lemuroid emulatorTraining the troops on the legendary strategy game - Final Fantasy Tactics with LemuroidLemuroid emulator featuring Tekken 3 for the PlayStation 1Fending off a creepy dog on my Android phone with Lemuroid's Silent Hill

Lemuroid Emulator download can be obtained free to play Playstation. Available for multiple platforms including Android and Source with fastest download speeds on EmulatorDownload.net. This PSX Emulator is in English and can run games online in high quality. Lemuroid is developed by Filippo Scognamiglio and Swordfish90. If you like this Sony emulator then also see related emulators such as PS / PS2 / PSP and DuckStation.

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Lemuroid v1.14.3 Android newest AndroidFree2022-10-21141.65 MB
Lemuroid v1.14.0 Android AndroidFree2022-07-22141.55 MB
Lemuroid v1.13.3 Android AndroidFree2022-05-29140.03 MB

Additional other files:

Lemuroid Master Source Windows SourceFree2022-11-123.87 MBSource Code