Snes9X (SNES)


Snes9X is among the leading SNES emulator in the market and is used by many as a Libretro core. This portable freeware emulator is the result of over three years worth of hacking, coding, recoding, and debugging by the original authors Gary Henderson and Jerremy Koot.

There are currently many ports of the original Snes9X available, some of the most notable ports are the standalone emulator called Snes9X EX+ which brings the Snes9X to mobile platforms, Snes9x Next which is exclusively available as a Libretro core and features multiple speed hacks like overclocks, and Snes9xTYL which makes it possible to play SNES games on the PSP gaming console.

What makes Snes9X popular is its solid, easy-to-use user interface that is packed with a bunch of features for users to tinker with as they please. Although other emulators (such as Higan) boast better emulation accuracy, Snes9X can deliver identical performance to the eyes of average users and can provide access to some rare games that were only released in Japan.

Go on an epic quest with Snes9X's Chrono Trigger for SNESEnjoy one of Square's finest RPG with Secret of Mana for Snes9X emulatorSnes9X featuring the legendary action-adventure platformer Super MetroidTetris meets Mario in Tetris Attack with Snes9X SNES emulator

Snes9X Emulator download can be obtained free to play Super Nintendo. Available for multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, PSP and Wii with fastest download speeds on This SNES Emulator is in English and can run games online in high quality. Snes9X is developed by Snes9x Team, Gary Henderson and Jerremy Koot. If you like this Nintendo emulator then also see related emulators such as Snes9x EX+ and Bsnes.

Download Links

Snes9X v1.61.0 Windows 64-bit newest WindowsFree2022-03-053.53 MB
Snes9X v1.61.0 Windows 32-bit WindowsFree2022-03-052.41 MB
Snes9X v1.60.0 Windows 64-bit WindowsFree2019-04-243.68 MB
Snes9X v1.60.0 Windows 32-bit WindowsFree2019-04-242.50 MB
Snes9X v1.59.2 Windows 64-bit WindowsFree2019-02-283.68 MB
Snes9X v1.59.2 Windows 32-bit WindowsFree2019-02-282.50 MB
Snes9X v1.61.0 Mac newest MacFree2022-03-051.88 MB
Snes9X v1.60.0 Mac MacFree2019-04-241.36 MB
Snes9X v1.59.2 Mac MacFree2019-02-281.31 MB
Snes9XTYLme v180404 PSP PSPFree2018-04-051.22 MB
Snes9XTYLcm v180404 PSVITA PSPFree2018-04-051.19 MB
Snes9Xtx v1.1.2 Wii WiiFree2022-09-267.17 MB
Snes9X-3DS v1.30 3DS NDSFree2018-03-241.75 MB

Additional other files:

Snes9X v1.61.0 Source Windows SourceFree2022-03-053.11 MBSource Code
Snes9X v1.61.0 Source Linux SourceFree2022-03-052.88 MBSource Code
Snes9X v1.61.0 Libretro 64-bit OtherFree2022-03-05635.73 KBLibretro Core
Snes9X v1.61.0 Libretro 32-bit OtherFree2022-03-05503.33 KBLibretro Core