SuperRetro16 (SNES)


SuperRetro16 is a premium SNES emulator for Android mobile devices. This app features consistent frame rates, custom screen control, unlimited save slots, and more. However, most of its convenient features are locked behind a fixed donation. This app will automatically scan your phone to locate any installed SNES games and load them up for your convenience.

Premium Features

  • Fast emulation
  • High compatibility
  • Auto-detect installed SNES games
  • Auto-generate cover art
  • Modern-style user-friendly interface
  • Chromecast streaming compatible
  • Native Android TV support
  • Cloud syncing support
  • Vast cheat code compilation
  • Controller support with Bluetooth compatibility
  • Dozens of available shaders and visual improvements
  • Advanced layout editor and on-screen control customization
  • Mouse support (on selected games)
  • In-app walkthrough and game guide integrations
  • Fast forward/ Frame skip support with smooth Turbo mode
  • A wide array of supported ROM file and compressed file formats
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Network multiplayer capabilities

Download the app for free to test its capabilities, and discover plenty of hit SNES titles with the help of this premium SNES/ Super Famicom emulator.

SuperRetro16 SNES emulator featuring 16-bit Christmas CrazeEnjoying the solid gameplay of Contra III: The Alien Wars with SuperRetro16SuperRetro16 SNES emulator Showcasing its cool yet simple user interfaceTesting out Super Retro 16's portrait mode with Hind Strike SNES game

SuperRetro16 Emulator download can be obtained free to play Super Nintendo. Available for multiple platforms including Android with fastest download speeds on This SNES Emulator (also known as Super Retro 16) is in English and can run games online in high quality. SuperRetro16 is developed by Neutron Emulation. If you like this Nintendo emulator then also see related emulators such as Snes9x EX+ and Bsnes.

Download Links

SuperRetro16 v2.2.3 Android newest AndroidFree2022-11-018.31 MB
SuperRetro16 v2.2.1 Android AndroidFree2022-08-128.32 MB
SuperRetro16 v2.2.0 Android AndroidFree2022-05-118.39 MB