Ishiiruka-Dolphin (Wii)


Ishiiruka-Dolphin is a fork of the popular GameCube and Wii Emulator called Dolphin. Unlike the original emulator that focuses on compatibility, this fork is optimized toward performance, gaming experience, and speed- resulting in lower accuracy and stability in the process. On the positive side, it allows users with low-end PCs to play their favorite Wii games without sacrificing too much. 

The latest versions complement the Official Dolphin emulator while giving support for legacy devices. This, in turn, reduces the CPU usage on the graphics thread. This allows for faster emulation and more fancy options for high-end devices, and playability and stable performance for low-end devices. Ishiiruka-Dolphin is widely known for its unique Async shaders that provide stutter-free and performance-friendly shader solutions.

So if you are trying to play your favorite Wii games but can't run the official Dolphin on your PC, then you should give this performance-friendly fork a try.

Emulator Features

  • Multithreaded and Async shader compilation (Shader files available for download)
  • DSP - Time Stretching Option
  • DX9 support and bug fixes for older machines and legacy devices
  • Modified Post Processing interface that supports more complex effects
  • Early-depth test implementation
  • A wide variety of Fast-Depth options
  • SSAO and DOF features
  • Bump Mapping with advanced material properties
  • Phong Specular reflection or improved lighting quality
  • Implemented 3d support
  • Implement global EFB Access Cache for faster access
  • Pre-compiled Vertex loader & Optimized vertex decoding
  • Dolby Pro Logic II support¬†
  • Custom Texture improvements
  • Tessellation and Displacement Mapping
  • Rim Lighting feature
  • Galop's DX11 Texture Encoder/Decoder for improved and faster decoding
  • Bump auto-generation for improved lighting
  • Custom version of DolphinFX that work under dx11 and ogl
  • Texture Scaling Support

Unfortunately, Mac users need to compile the software themselves with the provided source file. It also requires CMake for systems other than Windows.

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Ishiiruka-Dolphin Emulator download can be obtained free to play Nintendo Wii. Available for multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, Android and Source with fastest download speeds on This Wii Emulator (also known as Ishiiruka Dolphin) is in English and can run games online in high quality. Ishiiruka-Dolphin is developed by Ishiiruka-Dolphin Team. If you like this Nintendo emulator then also see related emulators such as Dolphin.

Download Links

Ishiiruka-Dolphin Build 1142 Windows 64-bit newest WindowsFree2021-11-2719.58 MB
Ishiiruka-Dolphin Build 1136 Windows 64-bit WindowsFree2021-10-146.76 MB
Ishiiruka-Dolphin Build 1117 Windows 64-bit WindowsFree2020-08-246.77 MB
Ishiiruka-Dolphin Build 5.0+cba6d727 Linux newest LinuxFree2022-06-269.31 MBopenSUSE Tumbleweed
Ishiiruka-Dolphin v6 Android newest AndroidFree2020-07-186.42 MB

Additional other files:

Ishiiruka-Dolphin Texture Encoder v1.5.0.7 Windows WindowsFree2021-11-30191.44 KB
Ishiiruka-Dolphin Master Source Windows SourceFree2022-06-2644.62 MBSource Code
Ishiiruka-Dolphin ShaderUIDS OtherFree2016-07-1026.77 MB