Dolphin (GameCube)


Dolphin is a free and open-source gaming console emulator software capable of playing GameCube games. It is also the first and (as of 2022) only emulator for the Wii video game console. Dolphin is also available as a libretro core for the multi-console RetroArch emulator.

Initially released back in 2004 as a Windows freeware, Dolphin was the first GameCube emulator to successfully work on commercial games. The development was highly received and supported by many people for its high compatibility and steady development progress. The project subsequently gained support for Wii emulation. Over the years, Dolphin was ported to Linux, Mac, and even Android devices. Dolphin has also been tested to work on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S via its RetroArch core.

Dolphin emulator is updated on a near-daily basis and features good and accurate emulation on almost every game. As a matter of fact, more than 96% of commercial games for the GameCube gaming console can be emulated with perfect or near-perfect playability.


  • Widescreen support
  • Netplay Online features
  • VR support
  • Custom Texture Packs

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Dolphin Emulator download can be obtained free to play GameCube. Available for multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and Android with fastest download speeds on This GameCube Emulator is in English and can run games online in high quality. Dolphin is developed by Dolphin Emulator Project, F|RES and Henrik Rydgård (ector). If you like this Nintendo emulator then also see related emulators such as Nintendont and WhineCube.

Download Links

Dolphin Beta v5.0-17269 Windows 64-bit newest WindowsFree2022-09-1014.65 MB
Dolphin Beta v5.0-17269 Windows ARM64 WindowsFree2022-09-1012.50 MB
Dolphin v5.0 Windows 64-bit WindowsFree2016-06-2018.39 MB
Dolphin Beta v5.0-17269 Mac newest MacFree2022-09-1037.11 MB
Dolphin v5.0 Mac MacFree2016-06-2014.03 MB
Dolphin Beta v5.0-13827_4 Linux newest LinuxFree2021-03-017.42 MB
Dolphin Beta v5.0-17269 Android newest AndroidFree2022-09-1015.62 MB
DolphiniOS v3.2.1-213 iOS newest iOSFree2022-09-1276.54 MB
Dolphin Beta v5.0-16795_1 FreeBSD13 FreeBSDFree2022-07-146.35 MB

Additional other files:

Dolphin Build 5.0-17716 Source Windows SourceFree2022-10-2422.59 MBSource Code