DraStic (DS)


DraStic is a closed-source commercial emulator of the popular 2004 handheld gaming console - Nintendo DS (or simply NDS). The NDS gaming console is known for its unique two-screen and touch-screen features that gave birth to some of the most intriguing game mechanics in history. DraStic DS emulator is only available for Android, Pandora, Linux (Raspberry Pi), and Pyra.

DraStic is one of the most developed NDS emulators for mobile devices and features fast emulation that's able to play the games at full speed on many Android devices. This premium emulator also has the following features:

  • Enhanced 3D graphics with up to twice the original resolution
  • Customizable button placement and screen orientation
  • Save states capability
  • Thousands of game enhancements codes and cheats to tweak your gaming experience
  • Increased emulation speed to fast-forward your game
  • Full support for add-on physical controllers

As a premium emulator, the free (or demo) app will break on purpose after some time. So be sure to support the software by purchasing it officially on the PlayStore. DraStic is only intended for the play of legally acquired games and does not endorse the use of pirated ROMs.

Love DS games? Then play them anywhere - even without the console with DraStic DS. Enjoy hundreds of NDS titles with one of the best NDS emulators for Android.

Playing Pokemon Platinum Version on mobile with Drastic DS emulatorRun and gun action with Contra 4 on DrasticRiding with style in Drastic with Tony Hawk's Proving GroundDrastic emulator featuring Dragon Quest IX gameplay

DraStic Emulator download can be obtained free to play Nintendo DS. Available for multiple platforms including Linux, Android and Other with fastest download speeds on EmulatorDownload.net. This DS Emulator (also known as Drastic DS,) is in English and can run games online in high quality. DraStic is developed by Exophase and RetroPie. If you like this Nintendo emulator then also see related emulators such as DeSmuME and MelonDS.

Download Links

DraStic v2.5.0.4 Linux newest LinuxFree2019-03-306.01 MB
DraStic v2.5.2.2a Android newest AndroidPaid2020-04-2715.21 MB
DraStic v2.5.2.2a Android Play AndroidPaid2020-04-27
DraStic v2.5.2.1a Android AndroidPaid2020-02-2015.21 MB
DraStic v2.5.2.0a Android AndroidPaid2020-02-1915.21 MB
DraStic v1.9.8.33 -0.1 Pyra OtherFree2021-01-144.43 MB
DraStic v2.3.0.00 Pandora OtherFree2015-03-173.92 MB