Play! (PS2)


Play! is a free and open-source multi-platform PlayStation 2 emulator developed by jpd002 and Zer0xFF with a focus on making PlayStation 2 emulation easy and accessible. Although some features and game compatibilities are far behind the leading PCSX2 emulator, Play! has several notable features unique to itself. This emulator is available on a wide array of platforms including mobile devices. However, for the iOS port, Play! can only be installed on a jailbroken device.

Unique Features

  • High-Level emulation on supported games
  • Able to run a decent amount of commercial games
  • Play Games without requiring a BIOS dump
  • ARM support
  • Limited plugins for streamlined game settings
  • Gamepad support (not available for iOS)
  • An experimental web browser version is available
  • Easy configuration. No game-specific fixes required
  • The same level of quality across all platforms.

As of November 2022, 32% of the commercial games have close-to-perfect emulation while another 42% are decently playable. Only 20% of the commercial games are not compatible which is considered pretty low considering the difficulty of PS2 emulation.

Smell the burning tires with Burnout 3: Takedown with Play! EmulatorPlay! Emulator featuring God of War for PS2Enjoying the unique and colorful RPG Okami with my Play! PS2 EmulatorPlayStation 2's Final Fantasy X on PC with Play!

Play! Emulator download can be obtained free to play Playstation 2. Available for multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and Android with fastest download speeds on This PS2 Emulator is in English and can run games online in high quality. Play! is developed by jpd002, Zer0xFF and Play! community. If you like this Sony emulator then also see related emulators such as PCSX2 and PS / PS2 / PSP.

Download Links

Play v0.56 Windows 64-bit newest WindowsFree2022-09-1610.18 MB
Play v0.56 Windows 32-bit WindowsFree2022-09-168.69 MB
Play v0.55 Windows 64-bit WindowsFree2022-08-0910.17 MB
Play v0.55 Windows 32-bit WindowsFree2022-08-098.69 MB
Play v0.54 Windows 64-bit WindowsFree2022-07-1210.17 MB
Play v0.54 Windows 32-bit WindowsFree2022-07-128.69 MB
Play v0.56 Mac newest MacFree2022-09-1626.18 MB
Play v0.55 Mac MacFree2022-08-0926.18 MB
Play v0.54 Mac MacFree2022-07-1226.18 MB
Play v0.56 Linux newest LinuxFree2022-09-1645.68 MB
Play v0.55 Linux LinuxFree2022-08-0945.68 MB
Play v0.54 Linux LinuxFree2022-07-1245.68 MB
Play v0.56 Android newest AndroidFree2022-09-1612.05 MB
Play v0.55 Android AndroidFree2022-08-0912.05 MB
Play v0.54 Android AndroidFree2022-07-1211.01 MB
Play v0.56 iOS newest iOSFree2022-09-1612.75 MB
Play v0.55 iOS iOSFree2022-08-0912.75 MB
Play v0.54 iOS iOSFree2022-07-1212.75 MB

Additional other files:

Play Build 2d83d99 Source Switch SourceFree2022-10-133.00 MBSource Code
Play v0.56 Source Windows SourceFree2022-09-162.96 MBSource Code
Play v0.56 Source Linux SourceFree2022-09-162.45 MBSource Code