RetroArch (PSX)

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When it comes to old-school RPGs, nothing beats the classic PS1 titles! RetroArch is the leading emulator front-end for many video gaming consoles including, SNES, GBA, PSP, N64, and PlayStation 1. This software is available on a wide range of platforms including macOS, Android, and even other gaming consoles like the GameCube.

This open-source project allows users to utilize different cores to emulate and play a wide variety of gaming consoles, programs, game engines, and media players. As a Libretro front-end, RetroArch offers additional advantages over standalone emulators. These advantages include features such as:

  • Cross-platform support and integration
  • Over 300 available Libretro cores
  • Gamepad support
  • State saving
  • Minimalist desktop-style UI
  • Per-game and per-core settings
  • Customizable resolution and layout
  • Dozens of Shaders
  • Performance and graphical enhancements
  • Dynamic audio and video control
  • Video streaming optimization
  • Full HD support and upscaling
  • Functional fast-forward and real-time rewind options
  • Video lag reduction
  • Netplay
  • and Custom overlays

Originally known as SSNES, RetroArch provides five different PlayStation One cores to cater to a wider scope of players and gaming needs. The PSX cores are; DuckStation, Mednafen PSX (Beetle PSX), Mednafen PSX HW, PCSX- ReARMed, and Rustation. Each core has its own set of features, pros and cons, compatibility, and game accuracy.

Sneaking up on the bad guys with Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation One with RetroArchFighting my heart out with the most popular fighting game for PS1, Tekken 3, with RetroArchRetroArch showcasing Cloud Strife of the legendary RPG - Final Fantasy VIIPlaying Gran Turismo on full 60 FPS with RetroArch PSX emulator

RetroArch Emulator download can be obtained free to play Playstation. Available for multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and Android with fastest download speeds on This PSX Emulator (also known as SSNES) is in English and can run games online in high quality. RetroArch is developed by Squarepusher, themaister and Libretro Team. If you like this Sony emulator then also see related emulators such as PS / PS2 / PSP and DuckStation.

Download Links

RetroArch v1.12.0 Windows 64-bit Installer newest WindowsFree2022-10-17191.07 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 Windows 32-bit Installer WindowsFree2022-10-17189.10 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 Windows 64-bit WindowsFree2022-10-17194.88 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 Windows 32-bit WindowsFree2022-10-17192.82 MB
RetroArch v1.11.1 Windows 64-bit Installer WindowsFree2022-10-04191.05 MB
RetroArch v1.11.1 Windows 32-bit Installer WindowsFree2022-10-04189.08 MB
RetroArch v1.11.0 Windows 64-bit Installer WindowsFree2022-09-30191.02 MB
RetroArch v1.11.0 Windows 32-bit Installer WindowsFree2022-09-30189.05 MB
Retroarch v1.12.0 Mac newest MacFree2022-10-17165.67 MB
Retroarch v1.12.0 Mac Metal2 MacFree2022-10-17196.43 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 Linux 64-bit newest LinuxFree2022-10-17242.28 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 Linux 32-bit LinuxFree2022-10-17242.32 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 Android 64-bit newest AndroidFree2022-10-17174.29 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 Android 32-bit AndroidFree2022-10-17174.22 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 iOS 64-bit newest iOSFree2022-10-17417.52 MBiOS11 and above
RetroArch v1.12.0 iOS 32-bit iOSFree2022-10-17347.92 MBiOS9 and above
RetroArch v1.12.0 PSP PSPFree2022-10-1719.31 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 WiiU WiiFree2022-10-17607.73 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 Wii WiiFree2022-10-1747.87 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 PS2 PS2Free2022-10-1741.57 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 3DS NDSFree2022-10-1743.22 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 XboxOne XboxFree2022-10-17379.09 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 Switch SwitchFree2022-10-17231.08 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0-1 Haiku OtherFree2022-10-175.91 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 PSVita OtherFree2022-10-17403.15 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 RetroMini RS90 OtherFree2022-10-1732.70 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 RetroFW OtherFree2022-10-1734.70 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 OpenDingux OtherFree2022-10-1744.38 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 Miyoo OtherFree2022-10-1743.22 MB
RetroArch v1.12.0 GameCube OtherFree2022-10-1743.15 MB

Additional other files:

RetroArch v1.12.0 Source Windows SourceFree2022-10-1748.87 MBSource Code
RetroArch v1.12.0 Source Linux SourceFree2022-10-1743.47 MBSource Code
RetroArch v1.12.0 PSVita Data OtherFree2022-10-1750.15 MBData Files for PS Vita