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zBoy is a multiplatform open-source Gameboy emulator created by Mateusz Viste. This emulator provides many handy features such as a convenient way to load and save your games, the ability to perform both manual and automatic PCX screenshots, support for internal battery emulation, and more. You can even play your retro games using your keyboard, joypad, or even both.

This software also supports many additional features such as intelligent saving of hi-scores, screen resolution improvements using various graphic algorithms (Scale2x and Scale3x), and a functional 2-Gameboy link-cable emulation on LAN - making it one of the few emulators capable of doing so. Above all else, zBoy has a unique feature where the developer attempted to colorize some of the most popular Gameboy titles - allowing players to revisit their favorite retro games in their multi-colored glories.

Although zBoy is mainly available on Linux, Windows, and DOS, the provided source file can be easily compiled to create a port for other systems.

zBoy featuring a colorized version of Adventure Island IIAdventure awaits on your zBoy with Final Fantasy AdventurePlaying Super Mario Land in full colors on my zBoyExperience the classic Tetris with zBoy

zBoy Emulator download can be obtained free to play Gameboy. Available for multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, DOS and Source with fastest download speeds on EmulatorDownload.net. This GB Emulator is in English and can run games online in high quality. zBoy is developed by Mateusz Viste. If you like this Nintendo emulator then also see related emulators such as Wzonka-Lad and Higan.

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zBoy v0.70 Windows 32-bit newest WindowsFree2019-01-22594.01 KB
zBoy v0.60 Windows 32-bit WindowsFree2015-04-30493.51 KB
zBoy v0.52 Windows 32-bit WindowsFree2013-07-025.84 MB
zBoy v0.71 Linux newest LinuxFree2020-01-30841.54 KB
zBoy v0.70 Linux LinuxFree2019-01-221.09 MB
zBoy v0.60 Linux LinuxFree2015-04-30933.75 KB
zBoy v0.71 DOS DOSFree2020-01-30498.19 KB

Additional other files:

zBoy v0.52 Source Windows SourceFree2013-07-02137.50 KBSource Code