B-em (Acorn 8 bit)


Play one of the earliest video games in history with this retro emulator. B-em is an arcade emulator that handles the classic BBC Microcomputer that was created by the British Computer Company Acorn Computers. This freeware can play a lot of old-school titles like the Granny's Garden (1983), Galaxians (1982), and the original 3D Maze (1982), along with the wide selection of 2nd processors for the Acorn 8-Bit console.

B-em was first released to the public back in April 2001 and can only emulate the BBC Model B. Now it can handle a Model B with 1770 FDC, ADFS, Model A, and Model B+, among many others. This BBC Micro emulator can now even emulate two disc drives and can support double disc and double-sided floppy disc controllers.

Although it initially supports Mac OS X and DOS platforms, the support was dropped by the developers along the way in favor of Windows 32 and Linux platforms. The developers also included all 6502 documented and undocumented instructions and provided dozens of video features like overscan, raster splitting, rupture, and mid-line palette.


  • Models A, B, B+, Master 128/512, Master Turbo, and Master Compact
  • ARM evaluation system on Master 128,
  • 6502, 65816, and Z80 tubes
  • Cycle-accurate video emulation
  • 8271 and 1170 Floppy Disc Controllers (80 track, read/write)
  • Formats .ssd, .dsd, .adf, .adl, .img, .fdi, .uef and .csw
  • Most protected disc and tape games.
  • IDE hard disc, and BeebSID emulation
  • Sound emulation with sample playback support
  • Sideways RAM emulation
  • Joystick and AMX Mouse

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B-em Emulator download can be obtained free to play Acorn 8 bit. Available for multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and DOS with fastest download speeds on EmulatorDownload.net. This Acorn 8 bit Emulator (also known as BBC Micro, bem) is in English and can run games online in high quality. B-em is developed by Stardot and Thomas Adam. If you like this emulator then also see related emulators such as BeebEm and Elkulator.

Download Links

B-em v2.2 Windows newest WindowsFree2012-06-036.62 MB
B-em v1.0 Mac newest MacFree2006-02-01957.00 KBPort for OS X
B-em v2.2 Linux newest LinuxFree2012-06-034.63 MB
B-em v2.0a Linux LinuxFree2010-03-164.93 MB
B-em v1.1 DOS DOSFree2006-05-07866.25 KB

Additional other files:

B-em v1.5s Source Windows SourceFree2008-05-20257.55 KBSource Code